Bruce Hoagland

Bruce W. Hoagland
Heritage Coordinator/Ecologist
Professor, Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability
Bruce is a plant ecologist, professor, and ONHI coordinator. His research interests include vegetation classification and mapping; analysis of plant species distributions; historical vegetation vegetation reconstructions; and floristic survey. Bruce has a joint appointment with the Department of Geography and Environmental Sustainability. email

Liz Bergey

Elizabeth A. Bergey
Heritage Zoologist
Professor, Department of Biology
Liz is charged with tracking rare Oklahoma invertebrates. Current projects include describing the state's distribution of crayfishes and documenting the fauna of springs and caves. She is also developing a biology outreach program for undergraduates to interact with elementary students. email

Amy Buthod

Amy K. Buthod
Botanical Specialist
Collections Manager, Robert Bebb Herbarium
Amy Buthod is the Heritage Botanist for the Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory. She maintains the vascular plant tracking list and participates in botanical surveys throughout the state. She is also the Collections Manager of the Robert Bebb Herbarium. email

Todd Fagin

Todd D. Fagin
Conservation Data Analyst
Todd is the ONHI data manager, handles information and data requests, and provides general GIS support for ONHI and Oklahoma Biological Survey. His research focuses on land use/land cover change; historical vegetation reconstructions; biogeography and landscape ecology; habitat fragmentation; species distribution modeling; geographic information systems; and remote sensing (including the use of sUAS). Email, Project Website.

Keng-Lou James Hung

Keng-Lou James Hung
Heritage Zoologist
James is the pollinator biologist for the ONHI, tasked with constructing and maintaining species inventories and distribution maps of pollinators in Oklahoma. James will start with bees (Hymenoptera: Anthophila) and hover flies (Diptera: Syrphidae), and then expand to other pollinating insects. Email, Pollinator Laboratory Website.

Brenda-Smith Patten

Brenda D. Smith
Heritage Zoologist
Brenda is the vertebrate zoologist for the program, but she also handles a variety of invertebrates, especially dragonflies and damselflies (Odonata) and tiger beetles (Cicindelidae). She is the go-to person for conservation assessments, including federal Species Status Assessments (SSAs). Email, Project Website.