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Using the Oklahoma Vascular Plants Database for Research

Problems Associated with Using the OVPD
When using the OVPD for research purposes, you should be aware of the biases associated with this database. It is important to remember that the OVPD is soley based on herbarium records. If a botanist has not collected a plant from a particular location and then deposited a voucher specimen at one of the state herbaria, it will not appear on the OVPD. Studies utilizing herbarium records have noted difficulties due to: unequal sampling effort over time; poor location information; and incorrect identification.

In Oklahoma, we see collection efforts focused on special places of interest, such as the Arbuckle Mountains or Black Mesa. We also see the collection of certain species being emphasized. A botanist researching a particular genus can disproportionably increase the records of that taxa. We also see taxa being neglected. Certain cacti found in abundance in Oklahoma have fewer than two dozen records due to the typically unpleasant experience in collecting them.“Weedy” species, while very obvious, are often neglected in botanical collections.

Consequently, the number of species for some counties are low. In many cases we actually know of/or suspect the presence of a species in a county, but it is not listed until a specimen has been collected. Once a specimen has been deposited in an herbarium, it will be added to the database.

Citing the OVPD in Your Research
If you use the OVPD in your research we ask you to use the following citation format in your bibliography:

Hoagland B.W., Buthod A.K., Butler I.H., Crawford P.H.C., Udasi A.H., Elisens W.J., and Tyrl R.J. 2004. Oklahoma Vascular Plants Database (http://geo.ou.edu/botanical), Oklahoma Biological Survey, University of Oklahoma, Norman, OK, USA.

Would You Like More Information?
Currently, we only provide basic searches of the OVDP via the intenet. In the future, we will have a fully searchable database available for researchers. If you find that you would like more specific information about certain taxa or locations, please contact the OVPD databasse administrator, Bruce Hoagland.

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