Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory
Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory
Oklahoma Natural Heritage Inventory (ONHI)

Rare and Vulnerable Plant Species of Oklahoma

The US Fish and Wildlife Service maintains a list of plants and animals native to the United States that may warrant future listing as species vulnerable to extinction. Species considered sensitive are candidates for listing as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act. However, despite their rarity, insufficient information exists regarding population stability of and threat(s) to these species.

To facilitate tracking of vulnerable species, we are maintaining this site to provide an overview of such plant species in Oklahoma. Accounts for each species include: description, life history, habitat preference, distribution, causes of decline, recovery needs, field-identification characters, an illustration, and a map of current and historical sites. If you are aware of populations of the species listed below that are not included, or if you know that populations listed have disappeared, you can help by contacting us.

 Southern Lady's Slipper
   Southern Lady's Slipper

Links to Accounts of Vulnerable Species

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